Success in life, as in business, boils down to three simple things :

Clarity of vision, Focused energy and Determination

Now that you know, it’s up to you, it’s your choice, it’s your move…

Alexander Altree

How we make a difference

We believe that people have infinite potential. Combining and Focusing the potential of the people in your organization is the key to unlocking outstanding performance. The way we foster and bring to life this potential is by actively accompanying and assisting you on your missions, pointing out the doors which need be opened and helping you open them.

We offer unique and bespoke guidance in tapping the true potential of your organization. But beware, we do not do it FOR you but WITH you…

In the end it’s always your move. It always has been.
Remember, the ability of your company to make a difference, be competitive and survive lies not so much in the solutions themselves, but in the capability of your people to understand a situation and develop solutions.

Putting people at the heart of performance

Positive culture

  • Proactive Change Management
  • Listening, respect & communication
  • Active team involvement
  • Common objectives
  • Roles and responsibilities

Continuous Improvement

  • Together
  • Step by step every day
  • Throughout the entire organisation
  • Performance mastery

Value creation

  • Development of internal skills & competencies
  • An ever evolving and learning organisation
  • Added value for the client

At the heart of Operations

  • Concrete field actions
  • Team involvement, mobilisation & motivation
  • Guidance, accompaniment & coaching

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Our core competencies

Operational performanceChange managementInterim managementERP/Information system

Operational performance

Practical and active guidance in :

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Project Management
  • Process & Flow Improvement
  • Value Stream Mapping (material & information flow)
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Cost & Performance Mastery
  • Communication

Change management

Assistance & accompaniment in :

  • Project Lead & Management
  • Risk evaluation/ impact
  • Communication Plan
  • Leading & Implementing Change (PROSCI – ADKAR methodology)
  • Defining company values & vision
  • Aligning people and company vision

Interim management

Hands-on for short-term interim missions in :

  • Operations Management
  • Production/ Manufacturing Management
  • Continuous Improvement Management
  • Change Management

ERP/Information system

Assistance & Project lead in :

  • Analysis & Definition of requirements/ needs
  • Supplier/ Provider selection
  • ERP implementation/ migration
  • Business Intelligence