We put people at the heart of what we do…

Established in Liège in 2017 by a Liégeois passionate about Continuous Improvement and Change Management, YourMove’s main objective is to actively support SMEs in their efforts to improve overall operational performance and implement lasting change by putting people at the heart of what matters the most.

Our specific approach puts people at the heart of performance and promotes accountability and involvement throughout the whole Change process.

Meet the team…

Gilles Detienne

Fervent adept of continuous improvement, Gilles accompanies all SME actors (Senior managers, managers, white and blue collar workers) in converting their intentions into concrete actions leading to results.

Field actor, he implements practical tools in order to fluidify and strengthen operational processes and metrics which align and help teams reach their goals.

Gilles has worked for companies active in the Automotive industry, Food industry, Pharmaceutical business, Communication and Industry (electrical equipment, machining, sheet-metal, assembly…) for which he occupied key positions and always including team management.

  • Lean Thinking / Management
  • MBTI


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YourMove is recognised by the Wallon Region as Expert in Operational Excellence.

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